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Omar: I was looking for a half marathon last year to tune up for Tokyo (before I got sick and decided to make Tokyo a for fun / serious race) and found that Shinjuku was closed … hopefully though I managed to get in (thanks Mika).
Wonderful course, probably my favorite for a half marathon, as I you get to run right in the middle of Tokyo. Bad points no km marks and after the first 10km you crash against the slower runners and 10km runners and literally bump into them.
I had already planned to run this race with Christian as he was going for a 1.20 ish (also using it as a tune up for Tokyo) which would be perfect considering I am not in PB shape and had the goal of running this as preparation for Tokyo / endurance check. When I arrived I saw Ed there too and the three of us headed towards the start line.
We spent the entire first 10km talking about the course and pace, etc. (like I said we weren’t really running totally out). After that though Ed and Christian went ahead and I stayed back keeping the pace I had started with. Ended up with a 1.17.46 (unofficial)
5km splits: 18.31 18.45 18.24 18.14 3.29 22….I guess that makes it negative splits.
A lot faster than I expected, too bad I could not go for a PB due to injuries and diseases, but happy with the result.
Christian and Ed though, great performances. I think Ed did a 1.17.10 and Christian in the 30’s. That’s like a 5min PB or so for both and the first 10km were easy, just talking and having a good time … wouldn’t be surprise to see them running under 74 min at the start of the fall.

Mary 1:35 (net time according to my watch - not sure of "official time")
A great day for running! Met up with Meg, Chiba-san, Ed, Christian and Phil for the start of the race. Unfortunately, we (Phil, Meg and I) lined up near the 1:30 - 1:45 sign. That was the targeted time for the three of us, so we thought that would be OK. It was SO crowded at the beginning, that we had to pratically walk the first km, so had a lot of ground to make up right from the start. I did my weaving and bobbing routine through the crowds and quickly got some space and set my pace. I felt strong and steady throughout the race and didn't have any stomach issues or cramps, so that is good. I knew from the start that a PB was out of the question, but my time of 1:35 was a good result. Splits were (I think): 10 km 46.01, 15 km 22.14, 20 km 22.38, 21 km 4.48.22. Congrats to Meg on her first 1/2 marathon and a great result and to Omar, Ed and Christian on their great results as well. Thanks to Satohi who was our #1 (and only) fan! Sorry we didn't catch up with Chiba-san after the race, we tryed to find you, but had no luck. It was cold and after we finally found our bags and jackets in the now crowded stands, we just high tailed it home. I hope you all had as enjoyable day as I did!

Ed Clease
1.17:10 (PB)
Very well organised, great omiyage (rucksack) lovely running conditions and great company (Omar and Christian).
I borrowed Joachims number for this race (many thanks Joachim). I did getsome funny looks as it says on the number OVER 40 and a few Japanese seemed very impressed with my healthy living lifestyle Hontou? Yonjusai ijio? Sugoi
Ran a 5 minute PB and it felt comfortable, so I am really looking forward to giving 2.45 a go at Tokyo.
I will be back next year to try and get a legitimate podium finish. (I still feel a little guilty for the unknown Japanese 40 something who I knocked off the podium with my illegitimate entry!) I didnt stay around for the awards ceremony for fear of a stewards inquiry.

Tamami My time is 1.55.30.
This is my first half marathon.
I have not run more than 10km race before.
Also the running for seventy minutes was my longest exercise.
Today's my aim was to run till the end.
In that meaning I am really happy now.
During last 5km my right leg had been sored.
I tried to forget it and get the image at finish line with smiling.
I looked at my picture but it is unnatural smile.
At my present stage half marathon is not easy for me
but I wish to run half marathon within 100 minutes next time.

Juergen 38:00 (hopefully, 37:59 official!)
Got Fab's number and used this as a training run. Felt good and ran a faster second half (18:55), passing three 40's on the last k, just to be outkicked by one of them five meters before the finish.
Two complaints: They postponed the start by ten minutes just five minutes before, everybody was lining up in their light clothes, not a good idea!
And I had to run my last 200m on a track full with slower runners, they should change the timing there!

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