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Cold, but no cold!

It becomes clearer and clearer that my throat-problems are Tokyo related. It's minus 5 here at night, and even around lunchtime, when I run, only about plus 5, so I do my uphill repeats wearing a relatively heavy long-sleeve. Still, today there was hardly any cough when I finished!

Looking forward to the 10k race in Yeoido at the Han River on Dec. 1.!

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Namban Mile Nov. 2007

Gerard: 4:58

Gordon: 5:02

Ed: 5:05



Mutsumi: 6:09

Mary: 6:22

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Worldcup Stadium Seoul 5k

I won the 5k at Worldcup Stadium today, in a ridiculously slow 18:45. I had wanted to run 10k, but my friend Jae had only a number for the 5... never mind, it was a good practice, and, as I started from the back, still a reasonable result, and good to win.

Team-mate Chris Doll finished the full marathon in 2:50:40, placing sixth over-all.

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The Oda Cough

Changed this to a blog post. I am in Korea now, feeling better, so it must have something to do with Tokyo...

Hi all,

I talked to some of you about this phenomenon, today I went to see a doctor, Yonezawa in Nakanosakaue, and he confirmed one of the explanations.

I ran very well in Korea in September, best was a 37:32 on a hilly course, so I expected to smash all my over 40pb's this winter.

However, when I got to Tokyo, and it got a bit colder, the…

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Odawara 10k/Nov. 4.

Today's race was a bit better than Takashimadaira, as a car held me up for a few seconds, so I would have gotten under 37. But I clearly couldn't get the pace up. And it seems the limiting factor are not my legs, as they are not tired. I will have my breathing checked, as I always cough after hard runs. But 12th was not bad, eventhough the race was small - too bad there were no age-groups. And yeah, the race itself was great, well organized, super -friendly people - they even gave us a map with… Continue

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October Running

October was a good month, with weeks averaging 60k, and a lot of speed! The 10k at Takashimadaira leave room for improvement....

1. 11k incl 3x2000 @ izumi, 7:18, 7:13, 7:01

2. 11k

3. 14k incl 2x3x1000, fr 6:30 3:25 3:24 3:21 // 3:22 3:25 3:18

4. 7k

5. 11k incl 10x400 @ 79.8 fr 2min

6. 10min weights

7. 5k

8. 28k incl 3x1600 6:02 5:57 5:55

9. 10min weights

10. mile: 5:25 5x800 2:44.6 fr. 5min

11. 15min weights

12. 11k 10x400 av. 91.6 fr.…


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