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As for some reason, it seems to be possible to update discussions from an I-phone, but not the status, I created this forum for I-phone users. Tomorrow, I will be at the course of the Osaka Ladies' Marathon and try to post some updates here!

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april1. 6k2. 6&6k3. 7k4. 6k5. 11k/15min taichi w/s6. 10k7. 5k8. 5k9. 44k10. 3k11. 3k12. 50bike13. 5k14. 10&4 incl 6000:10 - 24:5115. 10k hilly16. 15min taichi17. 5k18. 12k hilly19. 6k20. 12&12 incl 2x5x400 av 82.4 200 jog, fr 2:4521. 10&922. 50min gym/taichi 7k23. 5k24. 18k25. 12k incl 2x5x400 av. 87.8 fr. 2min26. 10k27. 7&10k incl 5000 / 20:0029. 14k / 50min gym30. 54k hilly
1. 18&10k2. 50 min gym4. 5k6. 12k8. 7k11. 7k13. 103k hilly15. 5k16. 5k&30 min taichi/str17. 30min taichi/str18. 9k incl 1200/1200/1000/1000/800/800 - 4:20/4:22/3:38/3:45/3:02/2:5419. 6k&30min taichi/str20. 30min taichi/str21. 10k22. 15k23. 15k24. 30min taichi/str25. 17k incl 5k/19:1526. 6k28. 11k incl horwill 800 (long breaks) 37/36/34/35//55/55/36//76/7830. 10k hilly & 30min taichi/str31. 10k & 30min taichi/str
march1. 5k2. 9k3. 30 min gym4. 5k5. 7k hilly6. 20k hilly8. 5&10k9. 11k incl 3000/2000/1000-11:53/7:38/3:4210. 5k11. 6k12. 41k13. 23&17k14.  60k bike16.  50k bike18. 8k19. 25k20. 24k incl arashiyama half 1:27:2021. 4k22. 8k23. 6k24. 6k26. 70k30. 4k31. 11k
on the way to isogo to run the kanagawa half, sore throat(^O^)/
kanagawa results
natalie 1:34:48adam: 1:30:46dennis: 1:41:47pat: 1:29:20owain: 1:23:??watanabe: 1:26:07naoko: 1:58:??juergen: 1:24:27frank: 1:26:00michael: 1:27:47chiba: 2:05:??harrisson: 10k, no result

Good job Juergen.

thanks, elsie, quite tired now, amd off to germany tomorrow!
surprise, free wifi at frankfurt station!\(^o^)/
now at neighbourhood hotel in jeju, the good people of kumf prepred a donation box for run4tohoku


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