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As Masako suggested to switch the discussion here: I start by pasting the posts we had:

Owain's history lesson: In 1985 Brooks introduced the Chariot  which incorporated the rollbar in the medial side of  of the mid sole to combat pronation and was thus the shoe that catered for pronators.  Although discontinued I still see the a varient of it in Japan for walkers.

In about 1988-89 they brought out their hydroflow system which was located in the heel of several of their shoes. Resembling a spirit level, it was basically a cushioning  fluid ( don't ask me about the scientific theories behind it as I've been out of the shoe retail buisiness for nearly 20 years)) that  responded according to the runner's foot strike.

The thing they have now is concept of enviromentally friendly shoes. The person that's standing in the photo is wearing the Green Silence which is a racer constructed of recyled materials ( Could be a good shoe for you Juergen)

So Brooks have very much been at the forefront of running shoe design for many years. And fine shoes they've been producing too. 

Jordan: I work at a specialist running shoe shop in Derby, the brooks adrenaline is still a very popular show in England as far as I am aware, more so with experienced runners. New comers have rarely heard of the brand and so this actually puts them off when comparing against more established brands within the wider market such as Aasics and Nike...I am looking forward to getting involved in these events!


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Mizuno ( Japanese maker ) was my sponser when I was in Uni .

 So I got many shoes and jakests, The design and functions were for athletes,

And I made  PB  of 1500m,3000m 5000m .


But I haven't wore it for long time, because  I am not athlete , only Shimin runner (non pro)

Now I wear Books shoes.


On Sunday, I ran my first race in Brooks shoes since the late 90's. I used the T6 race-shoe (left).  In size 25 (my size) it is 166g, much heavier than my previous racing shoes, the Sortie Magic, who hit the scales at a mere 102g! However, the additional weight did not slow me down, actually, it seems my feet like the curved platform, in general the shoe reminds me of the legendary Karhu Titan Synchron TBA of the mid-80's. Especially, I like the snug fit around the back of the foot, the shoe feels stable, but not at all heavy. Definitely a contributing factor to the good result in the race at Ota-ku!

On the right side, you see the Green Silence, made from biodegradable materials, it weighs 184g, so it could be used for racing, but for me, it is more a training-shoe. The asymmetric design irritated me in the beginning, but after getting used, the shoe feels great! Thanks, Brooks!



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